Steel Repair Sleeves/Custom Casing

We form our products with dedicated custom radius dies as well as plate rolls to create perfect 180 degree segments. Sizes range from 4.5” up to 60” diameters and thickness ranging from 1/4” up to 6”. The bevel is produced mechanically or with an Oxy Acetylene automated torch. Repair Sleeve ends have sheared square edges for fillet welding, unless square end bevel is requested.

We produce our products with the following materials:

  • ASTM A572 GR50
  • ASTM A572 GR55
  • ASTM A572 GR60
  • ASTM A516 GR70

Milled Groove

Milled groove for backing strip is available. Our standard milled groove dimension is 1/16” deep by 3/8” wide with -0”/ +1/32” tolerance. This dimension will result in a milled groove with a width of 3/4″ to accept backing strip 3/4″ wide by 1/16” thick.

If a custom Milled Groove size is required, we can accommodate your needs.